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Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronic Co., Ltd. Factory Tour

  • Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronic Co., Ltd. factory production line
  • Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronic Co., Ltd. factory production line

Production Line

1. Tektronix Oscilloscope   (12 SETS)

The oscilloscope can clearly display the voltage, frequency, and phase of the measured point, etc., in electronics, experiment, and maintenance application,and the maintenance experimenter can easily find the problem by comparing with the waveform of the indicator.


2. Japan JUKI Automatic SMT Machine   (2 SETS )

The automatic SMT machine is a device for automatically and accurately placing components at high speed and high precision, and is the most critical and complicated device in the whole SMT production. The SMT machine is the main equipment in the SMT production line. The SMT machine has evolved from an early low-speed mechanical SMT machine to a high-speed optical centering SMT  machine, and has evolved into a modular and flexible connection.


3. Screen printing machine  (3SETS)


4.High-precision two-dimensional grating disc surveying machine  (6 SETS )

The grating ruler is small in size, easy to manufacture, convenient to install, high accuracy,in measurement  and easy to subdivide the obtained photoelectric signal.



5. High precision bearing press Machine (8 SETS)

The high precisions bearing press machine is to input the control signal such as the loading speed, displacement and force value at the user interface of the press. The press will collect the signal through the corresponding sensor and compare it with the input control amount, then output the corresponding control signal and execute. The mechanism amplifies the signal to make corresponding actions, making the loading speed and position control of the press very flexible and convenient.


6. Intergrated Cmmissioning Station (9SETS )


Other Testing & Adjusting machines are not on listing,if interested, pls contact us for more details.







Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co,ltd  can supply standard & unstandard products as clients required.

Our service include :

  • Can produce standard and unstandard products as clients required.
  • With fast and short deliver time 
  • Products service of logo / mark / packings are available.
  • Famous manufacturer in China, with best quality in ODM / OEM.
  • Low MOQ for customized products 


Research & Development


Our professional engineers team is researching and development new products every year.

 to make sure that our encoders products will always keep the high standard and latest technology.


Now our encoder series include rotary encoder, incremental encoder, absolute encoder, hollow shaft encoder, solid shaft encoder.


Right now, our technicians are still in studying and developing with sin-cos rotary encoder, multi-turn absolute encoder.