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Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronic Co., Ltd. 86-21-54613487
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We focus on Optical Rotary Encoders, High Resolution Rotary Encoder, Miniature Rotary Encoder, Solid Shaft Encoder products and so on

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China Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronic Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Hengxiang Optical Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in the creation, research, production, and marketing of high-precision optical encoders. We have a mature independent research and development capability, which enables to customize the production of exclusive models based on the needs of new development technology products. We founded in 2001 and exported products to domestic and overseas after 21 years of sedimentation. We mainly engaged in the encoder, optical lens, germanium products, etc. The strict control of product quality and high precision and high standard of deep processing technology serve the elevator, motor, CNC, textile, robot, wind power, medical, assembly line equipment, and other automation technology industries.

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