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Differential Output Through Hole Encoder 1024 Pulse

Differential Output Through Hole Encoder 1024 Pulse

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    Differential Output Through Hole Encoder


    1024 Pulse Through Hole Encoder


    DC5V Through Hole Encoder

  • Product Name
    Through Hole Encoder KC76 Keyway Encoder Hollow Shaft 18mm Differential Output 1024 Pulse
  • Brand
  • Encoder Type
    Incremental Encoder
  • External diameter
  • Thickness
  • Installation Dimension
    R34.5mm(spring Plate 76T69)
  • Supply voltage
    DC5V ; DC8-30V
  • Outlet Type
    Cable Out From Side
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    each 1 piece was packed into single carton box
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    3-5 working days for sample order, 7-15 working days for mass order
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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    100K pieces per year

Differential Output Through Hole Encoder 1024 Pulse

Through hole encoder KC76 keyway encoder hollow shaft 18mm differential output 1024 pulse​


 Product Description

  • Main feature of KC76 encoder

    Brand: HENGXIANG

    Encoder type: Incremental encoder

    External diameter: 76.5mm

    Thickness: 28mm

    Installation dimension: R34.5mm(spring plate 76T69)

    Hollow shaft diameter: 18mm,20mm,22mm;25mm

    Outlet type: Cable out from side

    Supply voltage: DC5V ; DC8-30V


    KC76 Series encoder Parameter table

    Items Basic parameters
    Encoder type Incremental encoder
    External diameter 76.5mm
    Thickness 28mm
    Installation dimension R34.5mm(spring plate 76T69)
    Hollow shaft type through hole with slot
    Hollow shaft diameter 18mm,20mm,22mm;25mm
    Resolution 100;200;250;300;360;400;450;500;512;600;720;800;1000; 1024;1200;1800;2000;2048;2500;3000;3600;4096;5000;
    1024/4;1024/6;1024/8;2048/4;2048/6;2048/8;2500/4;2500/6; 2500/8;4096/4;4096/6;4096/16;5000/6;5000/8;5000/10; 5000/12;5000/16;
    Output phase Phase A+,B+,Z+,A-,B-,Z-,U+,V+,W+,U-,V-,W-
    Bearing life 1.5x109 revs at rated load(100000hrs at 2500RPM)
    Environmental temperature Operating:-20 ~+85°;storage:-25 ~+90°
    Environmental humidity Operating and storage: 35-85%RH(noncondensing)
    Vibration(endure) Amplitude 0.75mm,5-55Hz,2 hours for three axis individually
    Sock(endure) 1960m/s2 ,11 ms three times for X,Y,Z direction individually
    Shaft Material Stainless steel
    Shell Material die cast aluminum
    Cable length 1000mm(cable with shielding)
    Protection grade IP50
    Cable length 1M (cable length could be added appropriately by
      require, but it need payment individually)
    Certification CE

    Differential Output Through Hole Encoder 1024 Pulse 0

    Encoder Operation method

    An incremental encoder outputs a defined amount of pulses per revolution, so that every pulse is expected to be on a defined mechanical position. The maximum deviation between this ideal position and the actual position is called integral non linearity (INL). The INL accuracy is an important value if the incremental encoder is used for positioning tasks.


    The duty cycle describes the ratio between “high” time to “low” time of an incremental encoder. Typically this ratio is 50/50, which is equivalent to 180 el° high and 180 el° low.

    The performance of magnetic incremental encoders increases with higher PPR settings and higher rotation speeds (RPM). This is in contrast to optical encoders where the performance decreases. The DNL and INL accuracy that are stated in our datasheets are worst case values, a better performance can be expected for higher PPR and RPM.


    This is the maximum frequency that the encoder is able to output via the output lines.

    For example, the frequency of a 1024 PPR encoder that rotates at 600 RPM is 200 Hz (200*1024/60s).


    Signal Circuit of encoder

    1. The NPN Open Collector -- The NPN Open Collector(NPN) is an interface based on an output circuit with an NPN transistor.

    An open collector is the unconnected collector connection of an NPN transistor, whose emitter is connected to earth and whose collector is connected to the output.

    2. PNP output

    The PNP output is an interface based on an output circuit with a PNP transistor.

    3. Push-Pull output(HTL)

    High Voltage Transistor Logic functions with a voltage supply in the range 10 and 30 V DC, with 24 V DC being the most usual.

    “Low” is defined as an output of between 0 V and 3 V and “high” as between VCC and VCC - 3.5 V.

    4. TTL RS-422 output

    In a transistor-transistor logic (TTL), both the logical status and the amplification are done by transistors, hence the name.

    The TTL output is supplied with either a fixed 5 V voltage or a variable voltage of between 10 and 32 V. For this the low range is defined as the ≤ 0.4 V and the high range as ≥ 2.4 V.