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DC30V AB Two Phase  Photoelectric Elevator Rotary Encoder

DC30V AB Two Phase Photoelectric Elevator Rotary Encoder

  • High Light

    Two phase Elevator Rotary Encoder


    DC30V Elevator Rotary Encoder


    DC30V Photoelectric Rotary Encoder

  • Item Name
    High Accuracy Inductive Angle Encoders K130
  • Exteral Diameter
  • Hollow Shaft Diameter
  • Thickness
    48mm (BQ)
  • Resolution
    Up To 72000PPR
  • Protection Grade
  • Supply Voltage
    DC5V & DC8-30V
  • Output Mode
    NPN & Voltage Output & Difference Output & Push-pull Output
  • Wire Length
  • Weight
    About 1700g(with Package)
  • Place of Origin
    Shanghai, China
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    Consult us
  • Packaging Details
    each 1 piece was packed into single carton box
  • Delivery Time
    3-5 working days for sample order, 7-15 working days for mass order
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
  • Supply Ability
    100K pieces per year

DC30V AB Two Phase Photoelectric Elevator Rotary Encoder

Installation size 150mm K130 hollow shaft encoder 55mm 65536 resolution for CNC machine


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Related model number of K130 Series


K130-T3FH2048 BQ55

K130-T4C4096 BQ60

K130-T6E8192 BQ48

K130-T2F16384 BQ55

K130-T3F32768 BQ60

K130-T4E65536 BQ48

K130-T6C1024 BQ55


K130 Encoder Product introduction

Items Basic parameters
Encoder type Incremental encoder
External diameter 158mm
Thickness 43mm
Installation dimension R85mm(spring plate 158T170)
Hollow shaft type through hole (clamping ring at prior)
Hollow shaft diameter 70mm,75mm,78mm;80mm;82mm
Resolution 1024;2048;20000;40000;80000
Output phase Phase A+,B+,Z+,A-,B-,Z-
Supply voltage DC5V ; DC8-30V
Outlet type Cable out from side
Output mode Push-pull output
line drive (26LS31) TTL
line drive(DC8-30V) HTL
Consumption current 100mA MAX
Top response frequency 300KHZ
Insulation resistance 10MΩ
GND not connect to encoder
starting torque less than 400 x 10-3 N.m
Intertia moment less than 350x 10-6kg.m2
Shaft load Radial 90N; Axial 60N
Top REV 3000RPM
Environmental temperature Operating:-20 ~+80°;storage:-25 ~+85°
Environmental humidity Operating and storage: 35-85%RH(noncondensing)
Vibration(endure) Amplitude 1.52mm,5-55Hz,2 hours for three axis individually


Usage for K130 large hole encoder

  • Projector
  • Injection molding machine
  • Disc shoe machine,
  • Textile dyeing
  • Leather machine
  • Paper equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Paper cutter
  • CNC machine tool
  • Automatic measurement
  • Remote control



Matters needing attention

1. Must choose the power supply voltage: DC5V or DC8-30V

2. Must choose leaf spring plate model number if you select hollow shaft encoder

3. Please advise the motor speed (RPM) that you actually use

4. If you have any other requirements, please provide detail parameters


Notice for encoder installation

1. Please read the encoder specification carefully before installation

2. Encoder is belong to precision instrument, so we should avoid shock or vibration to protect interior parts.

3. The power supply voltage must be holded within specified range, or encoder could be destroyed.

4. Notice coaxially requirements when you install the power shaft, please use flexible coupling and do not press encoder forcibly.

5. Shielding cable of encoder must be connected to avoid electromagnetism interference of alternating current, cables of encoder should be layout individually.

6. Wiring diagram connection should be strictly follow the specified color in catalogue, or encoder interior circuit may be destroyed

7. Encoder should be apart from powerful magnetic field, dust, oil, water, higher (lower) temperature and caustic or flammable material during working.

8. The encoder cable signal can’t be drew or bent forcibly.


DC30V AB Two Phase  Photoelectric Elevator Rotary Encoder 0