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China Encoder Supplier 5000ppr K76 UVW Signal Pulse Up To 32768 Ppr

China Encoder Supplier 5000ppr K76 UVW Signal Pulse Up To 32768 Ppr

  • High Light

    UVW Signal Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders


    5000ppr Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoders


    Hollow Shaft Encoder 32768 Ppr

  • Encoder Type
    Incremental Encoder
  • Hollow Shaft Diameter
  • Resolution 
    100;200;250;300;360;400;450;500;512;600;720;800;1000; 1024;1200;1800;2000;2048;2500;3000;3600;4096;5000;
  • Output phase
    Phase A+,B+,Z+,A-,B-,Z-,U+,V+,W+,U-,V-,W-
  • Supply voltage
    DC5V ; DC8-30V
  • Outlet Type
    Cable Out From Side
  • Output mode
    NPN/PNP(Open Collector Output)
  • Cable length
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    K76 encod
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1pcs encoder to start order
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    each 1 piece was packed into single carton box
  • Delivery Time
    -5 working days for sample order, 7-15 working days for mass order
  • Payment Terms
    D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Credit Card, Master Card,Paypal, etc
  • Supply Ability
    100K pieces per year

China Encoder Supplier 5000ppr K76 UVW Signal Pulse Up To 32768 Ppr

China encoder supplier 5000ppr K76 UVW signal pulse up to 32768 ppr


Incremental encoder:

Incremental encoder is directly using photoelectric conversion principle to output three groups of square wave pulses A, B and Z phase; A, B two groups of pulse phase difference of 90 degrees, so that the direction of rotation can be easily judged, and Z phase one pulse per revolution, used for reference point positioning. Its advantages are simple principle construction, average mechanical life can be above tens of thousands of hours, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, and suitable for long-distance transmission. The disadvantage is that it cannot output the absolute position information of shaft rotation.


Quick description for K76 encoder

Encoder type: Incremental encoder


External diameter: 76.5mm

Thickness: 37mm

Protection grade: IP50

Cable length: 1000MM

Certification: CE

Package: Carton box


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K76 encoder main Characteristics

Items Basic parameters
Encoder type Incremental encoder
Hollow shaft diameter 18mm,20mm,22mm;25mm;28mm;30mm;
Resolution 100;200;250;300;360;400;450;500;512;600;720;800;1000; 1024;1200;1800;2000;2048;2500;3000;3600;4096;5000;
  1024/4;1024/6;1024/8;2048/4;2048/6;2048/8;2500/4; 2500/6;2500/8;4096/4;4096/6;4096/16; 5000/6;5000/8;5000/10;5000/12;5000/16;
Output phase Phase A+,B+,Z+,A-,B-,Z-,U+,V+,W+,U-,V-,W-
Supply voltage DC5V ; DC8-30V
Outlet type Cable out from side
Output mode NPN/PNP(Open Collector Output)
  Voltage output
  Push-pull output
  line drive (26LS31) TTL
  line drive(DC8-30V) HTL
Consumption current 100mA MAX
Top response frequency 300KHZ
Allowable ripple ≤3%rms
Load Voltage ≤DC30V
GND not connect to encoder
Mark to Space ratio 45% to 55%

China Encoder Supplier 5000ppr K76 UVW Signal Pulse Up To 32768 Ppr 0


o Goods can shipped via TNT, FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, etc.

o You could select the express according to your requirements if freight collector

o If you do not have any courier account, we will check and find a cheapest and safety express for you.

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Notice for encoder installation

1. Please read the encoder specification carefully before installation

2. Encoder is belong to precision instrument, so we should avoid shock or vibration to protect interior parts.

3. The power supply voltage must be holded within specified range, or encoder could be destroyed.

4. Notice coaxially requirements when you install the power shaft, please use flexible coupling and do not press encoder forcibly.

5. Shielding cable of encoder must be connected to avoid electromagnetism interference of alternating current, cables of encoder should be layout individually.

6. Wiring diagram connection should be strictly follow the specified color in catalogue, or encoder interior circuit may be destroyed

7. Encoder should be apart from powerful magnetic field, dust, oil, water, higher (lower) temperature and caustic or flammable material during working.

8. The encoder cable signal can’t be drew or bent forcibly.


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